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Please Note:

This set of pages is obsolete:

Please visit the NEW Collections Online site. This older site has not been updated since 2009 and contains obsolete and incomplete data.

This database represents objects in the collection that have associated images. However, some records may not have complete descriptive information. Because research and standardization of this data is an ongoing process, a simple search may not result in all representative examples. If you cannot find a term, the most effective solution is to try using the indexes provided.

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The artist or culture who made the object. Also known as "Maker" or "Creator."

What the object is, or what it is made of. Also known as "Object Type," "Object Name," or "Work."

The geographical area where the object was originally created. Also known as "Location," "Site," or "Place."

The identification number used at the Peabody Museum.

Keyword term that searches all categories.
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